Wednesday, November 6, 2013

She's 4!

On Saturday, October 19 this sweet little thing turned 4!
I can hardly believe it.  She tells anyone and everyone, "I'm already 4!"
We had a magical little day celebrating her birthday too.

Caroline didn't ever ask or tell me what type party she wanted.  Sidenote: If you have read this blog for a while you know we do love to celebrate, but I am also a big believer in keeping my kids little as long as possible in most areas.  We have not made a huge deal over birthdays and Christmas (presents) because my kids have not known to expect anything and I know that will only last a short period.  It is so sweet and fun to give them gifts for these special occasions and light them up with what they love when they had no idea it was coming!  For Caroline, this might have been the last year she won't expect anything.  It will be different for Annie and Duncan because they will always have an expectation since they are the 2nd and 3rd.  All that to say, Caroline was at that perfect age of excitement, but not expecting a lot because she doesn't know anything else.  

So, going back to the party.  The one thing she did tell me she wanted was a Cinderella tshirt (again little expectations).  Somehow from that I decided to have a "Cinderella" come to our house for C's party and give her the tshirt.  Turned out to be much easier than I expected.  After a little research, apparently, there are people who do this for a living and come to fully entertain the little princesses. 

Until the morning of her birthday Caroline only knew we were having an enchanted princess party, but had  no idea really what that was going to involve.  That morning, she opened one of her gifts and it was a new Cinderella princess dress and a note from Cinderella.  The note asked Caroline to wear the dress so they could match, of course.  And told her, she would be coming to her party that afternoon.    

Insert excitement, curiosity, and shock! 

And soon the little princesses began to arrive and they were all quite adorable. 
And after a few minutes of waiting, in walked Cinderella.  

She was wonderful just as she should be and 
Caroline was a bit speechless and star struck for the most part. 

She did all her princess tricks from storytelling, dancing, painting nails, face painting, and making balloon animals.  

What more could you want? 
And you know Annie boo was not left out for a second.  

Some of our other favorites came too...
Aunt Josephine



And last but not least, the t-shirt! 
Cinderella did bring it to her, but Caroline quickly told her she would save the present to open later.  Ha!  I had told Caroline that as her friends brought gifts when they arrived we would wait and open at the end of the party if we had time or after.  You know, gotta set those expectations.  Well, I never imagined she would tell Cinderella she had to wait to open it!  Should have known from my very literal child.  Kids are funny! 

And the other fave:  her big girl bike!  

I love this girl more than I could have ever imagined.  I am so proud of her as a big sister and the little lady she is becoming.  She will always be my baby!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Duncan 3 and 4 months

I can hardly believe this little boy is 4 months old.  Time is flying by.  Duncan was quite a fussy baby, but has really turned a corner and is so chill and content for the most part now.  He is such a joy and just refreshing for me right now.  I love this stage where they begin to interact with you.  Here is a little bit of what he is doing lately.  

Sleeps - still does not love naps unless it is a quick cat nap on the go or on his tummy
-More and more content and chill 
-Loves to smile
-Started cooing (Caroline loves this) 
-Feeding schedule is 7am, 10, 2pm, 5, and 8pm. (We are close to making the bed time earlier as he is so -sleepy by 7pm typically)
-Wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes 
-Started "playing" with his toys that hang in bouncy seat and car seat
-Loves his paci

Some other favorite pics at 3 months.

14 lbs and 6oz.  27 inches long 

Sleep - Around 3.5 months he started napping more in his bed instead of always on the go/little cat naps.  He will still nap on the go for the most part which is very helpful some days, but if we are home for a nap time, he will go down in his bed.  If we are home, he takes a morning nap about 9, mid day nap around 11:45 or noon (usually takes this one on the go), afternoon nap about 2 and then one more cat nap about 6pm.  

He eats at 7, 10, 1 or 2(depending on the day), 4, and 7.  We are in the process of unswaddling for sleeping right now and transitioning to the sleep sack.  We are doing one arm at a time, so far so good with the first arm out.    

-still so smiley
-has found his toes/feet
-loves rolling side to side, but not rolling all over yet
-can grab toys and put in his mouth
-really likes cuddling with a lovey 
-sitting in the bumbo some

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Lake Weekend

We spent last weekend up at Lake Hartwell with our small group. It was a full weekend with 9 little ones in tow.  So much fun to getaway and spend more time together than just our Thursday nights.  

We started meeting with 2 of these other couple exactly 5 years ago and then, Meade and ME joined about a year and half ago when they moved to Atlanta.  So grateful for all these wonderful friends and kids to walk thru life in our community.  

Friday, August 30, 2013


First day of 3 day three's class with Miss Karen and Miss Justine.

This girl is getting so big and independent quickly. So bittersweet!

We are looking forward to a great year!